Sharron, Eileen & Karen

We met while taking Ballroom Dance lessons and all fell in love with it.  During our journey of dancing, we established an everlasting friendship.  During that time, and several conversations later, we decided we would like to take it one step further and form a business to help make beginning or advanced dancers to have choices of ballroom attire.

So, We Present to You Ballroom Fandango.  Between the 3 of us we have 15 years of dance experience.

Sharron has been dancing for 9 years.  She has competed in World, National, and Regional competitions; and has finished 1st in the Championship ranks several times.  The love of music and dance all her life brought her to Ballroom dance.



Eileen has been dancing for 3 years.  She has done competitions & showcases to quote Eileen, “She dances because she enjoys it and eliminates the stress.”



Karen has been dancing for 3 years.  She loves the rhythm dances and leans more towards show/theatrical.  You can tell she enjoys it because she always has a smile on her face when she’s out on the floor.



To all of you who love dancing or think you would like to try it…. It is an opportunity to express yourself, to enjoy yourself, to let the stress in your life float away with every step.  You don’t have to have a perfect dance body, you don’t have to have perfect rhythm.  You just need the desire to learn and to let the music take you where you never thought you could go; and do what you never thought you could do.  Once you step out of your comfort zone, it becomes a passion.  It is a passion for both body and mind. It strengthens both! 

Our Mission Statement……

Our Goal is to help those who want to start &/or continue the journey of personal development in dancing.

Let us help you in your journey!